Types of Wine

There are a variety of white grapes which produce different types of wine, such as:

Chenin: With it you get fruity white wines, light and fresh. It is also used in the production of sweet wines.

Chardonnay: Considered the queen of white grapes, produces some of the most renowned and expensive white wines in the world. Wines obtained her voluptuous aroma, suitable for fermentation and parking in new oak barrels and sparkling wines Champagne type.

Riesling: Used for dry and sweet wines. Gives the wine a particular aroma.

Semillon: Produces dry and sweet white wines. Continue reading

The Wine Market in Australia

The study provides a clear view of the situation in this sector through an analysis of supply, demand and trade in the Australian wine market, and serves as a guide for the potential exporter of Spanish wines.

The data used in the study follow the Australian approach, so that will be presented for fiscal years, 12-month period beginning on July 1 and ends June 30 the following year. Overall, the analysis will focus on the period of 5 years from fiscal year 2006-2007 and fiscal year 2010-2011. Sometimes it happens that the data for the period 2010-2011 are estimates from official sources. Continue reading

What is the Difference between Cava and Champagne? (Part II)

Sparkling Wine Champagne

France is the birthplace of sparkling wine and the country where it is made more of this type of wine, about 350 million bottles a year. This production is diversified into several categories according to the product obtained is not hosted or appellation.

The 25,000 hectares of vineyards in the Champagne region represent approximately 40% of the French vineyard dedicated to the production of sparkling wine, its production is 200 million bottles / year and the number of bottles exported 100 million.

With an average annual temperature of 10.6 ° C, the champagne vineyard is situated on the edge agronomic crop Nordic vineyard. Continue reading

What is the Difference between Cava and Champagne? (Part I)

There are many debates on leaving this conversation when we tasted either of these beverages, if they like best about the Cava for being national product, that if others are thinner, complex and delicate Champagne, or more precisely like for being French, finally, positions for everyone. Despite the controversy the champagne and cava, share a common processing method “méthode champenoise” but with notable differences depending on different factors.

Sparkling Wine Cava

In Spain, sparkling wine cava is quintessential. The sparkling 98% of that produced in Spain, about 200 million bottles, is produced under this designation of origin (created in 1986), of which, 100 million is earmarked for export. Continue reading

History of Wine

The wine history has been intertwined with the history of other human activities such as farming may be, gastronomy, leisure activities of civilizations and the evolution of man himself. Elvino is an alcoholic beverage from fermented grape delzumo (Vitis vinifera) containing ethyl alcohol in moderate amounts and that causes us the sincere expression of feelings, while in large quantities it is a narcotic. Human nature has been, since its inception, and this thirst for wine has led to be a valuable commodity in different cultures.1 archaeological evidence exists which indicates that the oldest wine production come from a vast area covering : Georgia (see: Wine from Georgia) and Iran (Zagros Mountains), 2 dating these early in the period from 6000 to AL5000. C.3 4 The first crop of grapes (Vitis vinifera) occurred in the Bronze Age in nearby aloriente East, Sumer and Ancient Egypt around deltercer millennium. Continue reading

Aviva Pink Gold Torre Oria Benefits of R And D

Aviva Pink Gold Torre Oria Benefits of R And DWine is a wine enthusiast with a warm character, sweet, fruit, on the basis of Muscat and particles that make bottles in flames just rocking.

It is a product of wineries Torre Oria, wine Valencia specializes in producing wine and champagne wine and old creator Aviva, sparkling wine champagne market knows break with its intoxicating effects of fire.

Since 2012 the wine enthusiast selling and marketing in Spain and some abroad, and the company says that 6 out of every 10 bottles sold abroad, exports of wine enthusiasts not only because of the special effects is a perfect wine for celebrations and events.

We can define cava wine enthusiasts or fans as sparkling Muscat, and we can find it in three shades, because there is a change between the three modes of products that present oria tower fans.

The Aviva

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Christmas Baskets – Beautiful Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Baskets - Beautiful Gifts for ChristmasA luxury Christmas shopping becomes a perfect gift for any party, but especially for the Christmas season. To name a few of the special Christmas baskets you find and above all because it will please their friends or family members, there are several options: food, wine baskets, cheese, smoked Scottish salmon, picnic lunches. A children’s basket would be full of coloring books, crayons and toys all.

Or maybe special Christmas hampers full of jams and jellies, dried fruits, and champagne to celebrate Christmas Day. What better way to tell our friends and family that are special to our lives.

Many varieties of Christmas hampers are available on Internet and the network is probably the best way to buy, because then can be sent directly to the recipient’s address or your work address. Corporate christmas baskets are great corporate gifts, too.

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Wine Sparkling Wine Fans with Special Effects

Wine Sparkling Wine Fans with Special EffectsThe wine is a special wine fans only see the bottle we realize something, is it magic? No, not that you are in a lucid dream in which bottles catching fire or that’re hallucinating, you are among a bottle of fans.

It is a wine with fire effect inside the bottle is transparent with three varieties or colors can be seen below but what is striking is certainly that flame that is triggered by shaking a bottle of fans.

To be as graphic as possible we can define it as if suddenly a small explosion in slow motion invaded the bottle from within, and this effect is caused millions of particles of bright colors (when they are 100% edible because they are natural products) that when moving van coming from the bottle as if it were fire.

The modalities that

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Ten of the best wines of Madrid

Ten of the best wines of MadridNine red and white . With the presence of each of the three districts that make up the map of the Denomination of Origin Wines of Madrid. A white grape Bodegas albillo Bernaveleva that well worth nine different reds prices, varieties and territories. For though all part of the same map , it varies greatly from place to place.

You may be working ‘re missed some very funny names , which is what leads to lack of good or good grape vineyard . Nor find wines crazy prices here , that there are in Madrid, even one with so many euros to pay for it as alcoholic persistence inside the bottle . And of course , there are also other very worthy wines , high quality , they are not . I have chosen these ten , and of them

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Wine Has Long History And Every Bottle

Wine Has Long History And Every BottleThe wine has a long history and each bottle can be yours , contributing much to the fascination of this drink. But its role in the history of our culture is even broader and deeper. Wine is one of the first creations of mankind and has held a privileged place in many civilizations . On the other hand , represents a number of discoveries related to the first chemical reactions by man made ​​: fermentation and oxidation.

It is impossible to know who was the first winemaker . The great civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome placed the origin of the wine in prehistory and legends surrounding his birth . Ancient Egypt has left us wine lists : the Egyptians even mention the vintage , vineyard and winemaker in the name of their jars: they were the first labels. The

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Diversity of Main Varieties of Red Wine

Diversity of Main Varieties of Red WineIn Argentina there are a lot of varieties of grapes planted on the territory varied terroir located about 300 meters from Neuquen to 2300 meters above sea level in the valleys of Salta and calchaquies coverage of almost 22 ° latitude. This offers a diversity of expression of each criminality that can be considered unique in the world.

The main red grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Bonarda, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese and Tannat among others; within varieties of white grapes are most important: Torrontés, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Viognier, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, etc..


Within this name all those wines which are fully processed (100%) of the same variety of selected strain of vitis vinifera or failing in at least 85% (in Argentina) of which is detailed in fall wine label.

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The Best Known Grape Varieties

The Best Known Grape VarietiesWHITE VARIETIES .

ALBARINO : Produced under the Denomination of Origin Rias Baixas and small grain and sweet, resulting in high-quality white wines . This type of grape is indigenous to Galicia. In recent years it has experienced tremendous growth , spreading also in northern Portugal.

ALBILLO : white grape variety that has a slightly sweet flavor due to their rate of glycerol. The color available is a golden yellow, and its scent is very characteristic .
It is also known under the name of Castilian , or barking grape Camus among others.

Airen : Originally from La Mancha. It is the most planted variety in Spain . In the world occupies 30 % of the vineyard area , so it is the most cultivated .

CHARDONNAY : Considered the queen of white grapes. The most prized is located in

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Wine Making Manual and not die Trying

Wine Making Manual and not die Trying” If you get to a restaurant, where the waiter has received some instruction on wine service , the situation gets worse ,” Martin said . ” I’m tired of putting your feet , and feel like an ignoramus .” Right, I thought, train the staff, but no one cares about customer training . Want to learn about wine for free .

“Have you seen this? Drinking wine has become a problem.” With these words , a good friend, I raised his justified concern. I’ll try to give you a little hand , I said. For any wiseacre , intentionally or unintentionally , will again damage the while.

The first thing to know is neither strain nor the year. The first is: Who will take home? Second: Do you feel good for your heart face Restaurant price ? Third, do

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Introducing the New Bobal Bobos Swiss Bodegas Hispano

Introducing the New Bobal Bobos Swiss Bodegas HispanoThe world of wine is the great unknown to me , and that I still have much to learn , or rather … ‘s barely anything.

The second variety is cultivated hectares ink Spain , but it is almost a complete unknown to the public. It is associated with the lands of Requena and Utiel where Bobal has his kingdom , but with boundaries that has cost break .

Now Hispanic + Swiss , the winery that surprised us with white and red Impromptu prodigious saved as bright Bassus or cavas Tantum Ergo , look to the origins of the territory and opens Bobos , Finca Casa La Drunk 2011 , ten months monovarietal French barrels that make it unique . Quite a treat to get started in the Bobal .

Of all the synonyms used for variety Bobal , the Swiss Hispanic Requena winery has chosen the ” Bobos ” to describe his last bet made ​​exclusively winemaking and where she really wanted to develop a different Bobal .

Bobos Finca Casa La Drunk ( returns the name of the place and old inn was restored to house the current winery ) is the result of combining the return to the origins of the variety that dominates in the Requena and the expertise of Swiss Hispano , obtaining a very modern wine that keeps all the joy of authentic bobal but updated .

Hispanic bobales Swiss has been making for their wines since its creation in 2006 , and is part of the blend of reds as celebrated as the Quod Superius , or Premium Bassus himself . In both cases brings his character to foreign varieties . The other Bobal produced by the winery is more exotic , since it is a sweet wine. Continue reading

Adventure Winemaking in Rioja

Adventure Winemaking in RiojaWhen it comes to tourism and vacations , often tend to think about a few days relaxing on the beach but due to the change in the profile of tourists , how to enjoy the holidays this changing. One of these changes is the emergence of different ” types of tourism ” and multiple offers , not only at sea, but also in the city and in the mountains . One of these “new cars ” is related to the world of wine , ie wine tourism.

When it comes to wine , Rioja is the ideal destination because it combines perfectly the premise that the tourist is looking for these days off. And in this region north of Spain blend the best scenery , the oldest wineries ( even centuries ) in order to help understand the process and

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