Types of Wine

There are a variety of white grapes which produce different types of wine, such as:

Chenin: With it you get fruity white wines, light and fresh. It is also used in the production of sweet wines.

Chardonnay: Considered the queen of white grapes, produces some of the most renowned and expensive white wines in the world. Wines obtained her voluptuous aroma, suitable for fermentation and parking in new oak barrels and sparkling wines Champagne type.

Riesling: Used for dry and sweet wines. Gives the wine a particular aroma.

Semillon: Produces dry and sweet white wines. Continue reading

The Wine Market in Australia

The study provides a clear view of the situation in this sector through an analysis of supply, demand and trade in the Australian wine market, and serves as a guide for the potential exporter of Spanish wines.

The data used in the study follow the Australian approach, so that will be presented for fiscal years, 12-month period beginning on July 1 and ends June 30 the following year. Overall, the analysis will focus on the period of 5 years from fiscal year 2006-2007 and fiscal year 2010-2011. Sometimes it happens that the data for the period 2010-2011 are estimates from official sources. Continue reading

What is the Difference between Cava and Champagne? (Part II)

Sparkling Wine Champagne

France is the birthplace of sparkling wine and the country where it is made more of this type of wine, about 350 million bottles a year. This production is diversified into several categories according to the product obtained is not hosted or appellation.

The 25,000 hectares of vineyards in the Champagne region represent approximately 40% of the French vineyard dedicated to the production of sparkling wine, its production is 200 million bottles / year and the number of bottles exported 100 million.

With an average annual temperature of 10.6 ° C, the champagne vineyard is situated on the edge agronomic crop Nordic vineyard. Continue reading

What is the Difference between Cava and Champagne? (Part I)

There are many debates on leaving this conversation when we tasted either of these beverages, if they like best about the Cava for being national product, that if others are thinner, complex and delicate Champagne, or more precisely like for being French, finally, positions for everyone. Despite the controversy the champagne and cava, share a common processing method “méthode champenoise” but with notable differences depending on different factors.

Sparkling Wine Cava

In Spain, sparkling wine cava is quintessential. The sparkling 98% of that produced in Spain, about 200 million bottles, is produced under this designation of origin (created in 1986), of which, 100 million is earmarked for export. Continue reading

History of Wine

The wine history has been intertwined with the history of other human activities such as farming may be, gastronomy, leisure activities of civilizations and the evolution of man himself. Elvino is an alcoholic beverage from fermented grape delzumo (Vitis vinifera) containing ethyl alcohol in moderate amounts and that causes us the sincere expression of feelings, while in large quantities it is a narcotic. Human nature has been, since its inception, and this thirst for wine has led to be a valuable commodity in different cultures.1 archaeological evidence exists which indicates that the oldest wine production come from a vast area covering : Georgia (see: Wine from Georgia) and Iran (Zagros Mountains), 2 dating these early in the period from 6000 to AL5000. C.3 4 The first crop of grapes (Vitis vinifera) occurred in the Bronze Age in nearby aloriente East, Sumer and Ancient Egypt around deltercer millennium. Continue reading

Wine Making Manual and not die Trying

Wine Making Manual and not die Trying” If you get to a restaurant, where the waiter has received some instruction on wine service , the situation gets worse ,” Martin said . ” I’m tired of putting your feet , and feel like an ignoramus .” Right, I thought, train the staff, but no one cares about customer training . Want to learn about wine for free .

“Have you seen this? Drinking wine has become a problem.” With these words , a good friend, I raised his justified concern. I’ll try to give you a little hand , I said. For any wiseacre , intentionally or unintentionally , will again damage the while.

The first thing to know is neither strain nor the year. The first is: Who will take home? Second: Do you feel good for your heart face Restaurant price ? Third, do

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Introducing the New Bobal Bobos Swiss Bodegas Hispano

Introducing the New Bobal Bobos Swiss Bodegas HispanoThe world of wine is the great unknown to me , and that I still have much to learn , or rather … ‘s barely anything.

The second variety is cultivated hectares ink Spain , but it is almost a complete unknown to the public. It is associated with the lands of Requena and Utiel where Bobal has his kingdom , but with boundaries that has cost break .

Now Hispanic + Swiss , the winery that surprised us with white and red Impromptu prodigious saved as bright Bassus or cavas Tantum Ergo , look to the origins of the territory and opens Bobos , Finca Casa La Drunk 2011 , ten months monovarietal French barrels that make it unique . Quite a treat to get started in the Bobal .

Of all the synonyms used for variety Bobal , the Swiss Hispanic Requena winery has chosen the ” Bobos ” to describe his last bet made ​​exclusively winemaking and where she really wanted to develop a different Bobal .

Bobos Finca Casa La Drunk ( returns the name of the place and old inn was restored to house the current winery ) is the result of combining the return to the origins of the variety that dominates in the Requena and the expertise of Swiss Hispano , obtaining a very modern wine that keeps all the joy of authentic bobal but updated .

Hispanic bobales Swiss has been making for their wines since its creation in 2006 , and is part of the blend of reds as celebrated as the Quod Superius , or Premium Bassus himself . In both cases brings his character to foreign varieties . The other Bobal produced by the winery is more exotic , since it is a sweet wine. Continue reading

Adventure Winemaking in Rioja

Adventure Winemaking in RiojaWhen it comes to tourism and vacations , often tend to think about a few days relaxing on the beach but due to the change in the profile of tourists , how to enjoy the holidays this changing. One of these changes is the emergence of different ” types of tourism ” and multiple offers , not only at sea, but also in the city and in the mountains . One of these “new cars ” is related to the world of wine , ie wine tourism.

When it comes to wine , Rioja is the ideal destination because it combines perfectly the premise that the tourist is looking for these days off. And in this region north of Spain blend the best scenery , the oldest wineries ( even centuries ) in order to help understand the process and

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Open House for Wine Selection

Open House for Wine SelectionThe wine distributor Taster motivated to strengthen the passion for wine, offers its customers varieties of its portfolio rated as the best selection of wines from RD $ 500 to RD $ 1,600.

The selection features wines from different wine regions such as United States: Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Merlot, Bogle Pinot Noir, Belle Glos Meiomi, Beringer Knights Valley, Decoy Saunvignon Blanc, Chateau Ste.

Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon, Joseph Carr Cabernet Sauvignon, Hess Select Chardonnay from Argentina: Luigi Bosca De Sangre, Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda Malbec Punto Final Reserva Malbec, of Spain: Alvaro Palacios Priorat Camins, Don Pedro de Soutomaior, Arzuaga Plant, Baron of Law Finca Monasterio and Coto de Imaz; Gran Reserva Chile Concha y Toro Carmenere, from France Domaine de la Croix Cuvee Rose and Chateau Greysac Irresistible, and Italy Villa Jolanda Gold.

At the Open

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Wine Making Manual and Not Die Trying

Wine Making Manual and Not Die Trying” If you get to a restaurant, where the waiter has received some instruction on wine service , the situation gets worse ,” said Martin. “I’m tired of putting the legs , and feeling like an ignorant ” . True, I thought , train the staff, but no one cares about customer training . Want to learn about wine for free .

“Have you seen this ? Drinking wine has become a problem.” With these words , a good friend , I raised his justified concern. – Try to give you a little hand , I said. For any wiseacre , with or without intent to harm you out again .

The first thing to know , is neither strain nor the year. The first is: Who ‘s going to take home ? Second : Do you feel good heart to face the restaurant prices ? Third : do you know about ” sommeliers – parliamentary ” to answer the questions of the waiter sharp smarty ? And finally: Are you ready to become an actor? Because eventually, you’ll have to descrestar with your grace and sophistication.

To begin , you must know the script of this show. Sometimes I wonder , what is so necessary ? I think it has a lot of silly : We are just starting and already we are judged for not being seasoned oenophiles . Continue reading

Feijoo Praises Wines Varieties and Monterrei to Regain its Innovation

Feijoo praises wines varieties and Monterrei to regain its innovationThe owner of the Xunta joined the potential of the wines of this region with quality increasingly recognized by the Galician wines .

A recognition that stood on two basic points : first the recovery and conservation of varieties , and, second , the commitment to innovation and opening new markets.

And said that winemaking is an industrial engine and tourism in many areas of Galicia , as in the case of these lands Monterrei .

In line with this , the head of the regional government recalled how in Galicia Wine Tasting of 2012, a wine of this designation of origin was considered the Best White of Galicia , and insisted that many of the wines from the land of Monterrei are among the ” best valued by the most demanding critics.”

In this line , secured the commitment of the Xunta with D. O. Monterrei , after emphasizing that quality wines Monterrei is not unknown , because it is recognized in all areas and worldwide . Continue reading

Wines Made From Different Varieties Called Single

Wines Made From Different Varieties Called SingleAn important fact that must hold when a wine we like is the variety or varieties used in its preparation. Are usually indicated on the label or on the back label . If a wine is made from a single variety is called ‘ varietal ‘ and if it is made ​​with several , ‘ plurivarietal ‘ assembly or wine .

The varieties may be indigenous , ie being typical of the area where they always have been developed , but of course, in relative terms , as the vitis vinifera vine – only species with which grapes can make wine – is native to the ancient Mesopotamia. The Phoenicians , great traders , spread the consumption of wine ( and selling ) for the Mediterranean but it was the Romans who spread the cultivation of the vine in the provinces of his empire as one of its elements ‘ culturizadores ‘ . The vitis vinifera was adapted over the centuries to each soil and microclimate , giving rise to what we now call ‘ local varieties ‘ .

The variety is one of the most determinative of the aromas and taste of a wine. Each has its own aromatics and flavoring descriptors . When planting vines must take into account the type of soil, climate and the type of wine you want to produce . Not all varieties are suitable for optimally developed anywhere. Called ‘ native ‘ are a good choice to consider as they are those that have been adapted to each area over time and , therefore , best suited to its context. But calls ‘ international varieties ‘ can also be adapted successfully to other latitudes .

As for choosing between a single or plurivarietal wine , depends on the tastes of each. In Europe , the winemaking tradition of making wine was multivarietal . This is because the vine crop was not streamlined . There were many small vineyards scattered , each of a variety and even in larger parcels , some varieties mingled with others. The concept of varietal wine comes from New World countries , where plantings are new and streamlined . Moreover, in countries where the culture of wine and its consumption is relatively recent , it is easier to explain and understand a single variety (which perfectly distinguish aromatic and flavoring descriptors of the variety ) that a plurivarietal . European producers , eager to conquer the American market (especially U.S.) began to produce varietal wines . Continue reading

Most of The Wine production in Georgia and Iran

Most of The Wine production in Georgia and IranWine is one of the oldest beverages known. It is already present in ancient Egypt and Sumeria , and archaeological remains have been found that show wine production in large parts of Georgia and Iran ( Zagros Mountains ) between 6,000 and 5,000 BC There is evidence that in the Iberian peninsula had vineyards in the third millennium BC.

Possibly the wine began to be made by accident somehow fermented grapes and someone tried the broth. Perhaps the oldest reference about wine in the Old Testament : ” Noah began to be an husbandman , and he planted a vineyard, drank wine and became drunk ” ( Genesis 9-21 ) .

There are archaeological finds in ancient Egypt of wine jars labeled with the name of the producer , the vineyard and the year . We also know that the Romans recorded the best vineyards which were based on terrain and weather, all of which demonstrated an early interest in the quality .

In the pagan world , especially in Greece and Rome , the wine was very present in popular culture and was especially devoted to the wine gods for their intoxicating and aphrodisiac qualities . In the cults of Dionysus and Bacchus are orgies organized parties and abounding in wine, delicacies and sexual pleasures . Continue reading

Improve the Experience of Four Generations of Wine Vintage

Improve the Experience of Four Generations of Wine VintageA narrow street in Puerto de Santa Maria , and very central , or best restored , would go unnoticed if not for the noise that is seen half a block . There are people gathered in front of a portal , voices , something is happening. As we approach a banner read in fuchsia vertical : Wineries Obregon. Here we are.

Bodegas Obregon is an institution in the Sherry . Manuel Gonzalez Summer directs which was founded by his great-uncle Don Jose Luis Gonzalez Obregon in 1935. Now has landed the fourth generation , the children of Manuel , Jaime and Alvaro , have joined the family business and closely held mystery tradition .

Wine smells quite meters before , and the double door of the building to restore Indian is the passage for time travel . If not for the cans of Coca -Cola Zero , it appears that we have gone back fifty years. But nothing here is of cardboard, walls , floors and ceilings ooze history as centuries-old timber boots that amontan one over the other . Disorder , cachibaches , walls lined with vintage photographs and folklore , and a pungent aroma salt are mixed into a medley of sensations . It’s definitely this strange and magical combination with authenticity that gives sherry its global celebrity .

No wonder that on January 6 New York Times qualify for ” treasure” in an article written by columnist Geoffrey Gray after passing through the province of Cadiz . Continue reading

A Drink Created Specifically for the Flagship Grape Variety of the Country

A Drink Created Specifically for the Flagship Grape Variety of the CountryAfter a successful launch in the U.S., announces the arrival Graffigna Argentina from the first glass specifically designed for Malbec. Developed in conjunction with world-lead Riedel glassware, this creation gives wine lovers a new sensory experience that promotes the virtues of Argentina icon varietal.

Factory designed Riedel in Austria, the cup is composed of a container 13,51 cm. high and 8.51 cm. in diameter, achieving an elegant and balanced. Its size and shape increase fruit aroma, enhancing the appreciation of Malbec. Her mouth narrow cut of 5.99 cm. helps to concentrate the aromas and directs the wine to the center of the mouth, creating a harmonious balance between the main features of the variety: her soft, sweet tannins, its bright fruit flavors and medium acidity.

“The quality of the Riedel glass Graffigna developed by improving the way of enjoying Malbec and refines the qualities that made this range a favorite by consumers and critics in recent years,” says Alejandra Dam, Manager Marketing Sparkling Wines and Pernod Ricard Argentina. Continue reading